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Canned and Other Wet Dog Foods

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Canned Dog Foods

There are several reasons why canned food may be a better choice than kibble if you are feeding your dog a commercial food. First, canned foods contain far fewer chemical additives than dry foods. Artificial colors and flavors are much less common, and preservatives are unnecessary due to the canning process itself (however, this also means that canned food will quickly spoil if left out at room temperature). Second, canned foods generally have much less grain than dry foods. Kibble must be at least 50% carbohydrates  in order to be extruded without gumming up the machinery; canned foods have no such requirement. Fewer carbs also means more protein and fat, both of which are good for most dogs. And third, canned food has more moisture and is better for the kidneys, which makes it easier to digest -- you can achieve the same result with kibble by soaking it first, but remember that soaked kibble will also spoil quickly if left out at room temperature.

Here are some of the better canned foods that I have heard about. This is not a complete list of the high quality foods available, which is growing all the time. For a more detailed list, see the Whole Dog Journal, which publishes an article on the best canned foods every other January in odd-numbered years. You can also write to me for comments on any individual food you may be interested in (my email address is at the bottom of the page). I have added links to Amazon and other online sources for many of these foods if you are unable to find them locally, though shipping will add substantially to the cost.

Note there are some drawbacks to canned foods as well. Many canned foods use carrageenan as a thickening agent (also called emulsifier). Carrageenan has been associated with intestinal ulceration, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and acid reflux. While most studies have been done on carrageenan, it's possible that other thickening agents, such as carboxymethyl cellulose, polysorbate 60 and 80, guar gum, xanthan gum, and agar agar, may also contribute to digestive problems in sensitive dogs. Look for stews and other more liquid (not formed into a pâte or loaf) canned foods to avoid these ingredients. See the following for more infomation:

Most cans are lined with Bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been associated with certain problems in humans, although at this time there does not appear to be a viable alternative. See The Controversy Over BPA-Free Dog Food Containers for more information.

Some of these companies offer vegetarian diets, but I do NOT recommend feeding your dog a vegetarian diet. See Don't Bite on the Veggie Dog and Vegetarian Diets for Dogs? for more information on this topic.

Recommended Canned Dog Foods
Product Description Available Online From
Addiction High quality ingredients. Grain-free, limited-ingredient diets that use mostly unusual proteins such as venison, rabbit, duck, buffalo, unagi [eel] and brushtail. Ideal for feeding to dogs with severe food allergies, but I would not recommend feeding exotic proteins to healthy dogs, as it's better to reserve them for future use in case your dog ever develops food allergies. White Dog Bone Company
Artemis Available in Europe and Asia, as well as the US. Human-grade, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats Amazon
(Blue Buffalo)
The company claims to use high-grade ingredients, though this claim has been questioned, and the company has admitted to using lower-grade ingredients (poultry by-product meal) in their foods. Wilderness and Freedom lines are grain-free. Basics offer limited-ingredient options for dogs with food allergies.
Blue recalled certain lots of its foods in October 2010 due to concern that these lots may contain higher levels of vitamin D than are specified, which can be life-threatening. The company was not as forthcoming as they should have been about the problem that led to this recall. See Another Blue Buffalo fail for more information. Another problem was found with the wrong food in a package in 2013, and once again, the company's attitude was poor; see Blue Buffalo Kibble Change? for more info.
By Nature
(Blue Seal)
Organic line appears to be discontinued; other lines make no mention of using human-grade ingredients. Both the 95% line and the Stew are high in protein with no grains. Foods vary widely in the amount of fat, ranging from low (2.5% as fed, 13.9% dry matter) for the Beef & Salmon Stew, to high (6.5% as fed, 36.1% DM) for the Lamb & Duck stew, for example. PetFlow
Canidae Human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients. All ingredients are tested for melamine and cyanuric acid.
Grain Free Pure line of foods offers higher-protein, grain-free formulas that were reformulated in 2014 to use fresh meats and whole foods.
Castor & Pollux Organix Over 70% certified organic ingredients. In addition, chicken and turkey are free-range. Products are tested for melamine and cyanuric acid. Natural Ultramix line also appears to be high-quality, though not organic and it's not clear whether ingredients are human-grade. Company offers direct shipping to your home.
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul High quality, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients. Offers higher-protein senior diet. PetFlow
Doctors Foster & Smith High-quality ingredients, high meat content. Company offers direct shipping to your home.
Dogswell Uses antibiotic-free, cage-free chicken and duck. All canned foods are grain-free. Products are inspected for melamine. Note that the duck products contain other meats (chicken, salmon), so cannot be used as a novel protein for an elimination diet. Amazon
Eagle Pack Holistic Select and Super Premium On the original web site, chicken and duck are listed as hormone- and antibiotic-free. Ingredients appear to be human-grade. Eagle Pack recently split off its Holistic Select label. The new Holistic Select web site has no specific information about ingredients. The following information appears on the original web site only, not on the Holistic Select web site: "Eagle Pack Super Premium formulas are nutritionally balanced so pet owners can mix up to 25% raw food with the Eagle Pack formulas." Eagle Pack and Wellness are now owned by the same company, called WellPet. Amazon
FirstMate Offers a number of grain-free, limited ingredient diets that may be beneficial for dogs with food allergies. All ingredients sourced from North America (except Australian lamb) and "are 100% ethoxyquin free." Canned foods are manufactured in a human-grade facility in British Columbia. No carrageenan or other gums used. Poultry is free-range; fish is sustainably sourced. Amazon
Fromm Family Foods Human-grade, USDA inspected meats, high-quality US-sourced ingredients. "We pay more for our fish, whitefish, and salmon to not be treated or preserved with ethoxyquin." Several varieties are limited-ingredient and grain-free, with unusual proteins, which can help dogs with food allergies. Fromm has replaced their canned foods in the Four Star Nutritionals line with Shredded Chicken, Shredded Pork, and Shredded Beef (as of 2/11), all grain-free. Their Gold Nutritionals line also includes canned foods. PetFlow
Go!SOLUTIONS See Petcurean below.  
Halo Spot's Stew Human-grade ingredients. Note these foods are higher in moisture (broth) than many canned foods, meaning you'll probably have to feed more than you would of other foods.  
Holistic Health Extension Human-grade ingredients from organic and naturally raised livestock, without antibiotics or hormones, along with sustainably caught fish. Offers both grain-free foods and products with grains. Some foods use exotic proteins but are not limited-ingredient. Company is family-owned. Limited availability
Holistic Select See Eagle Pack above.  
Homestyle See Nature's Variety below.  
I and Love and You New company founded in 2012 by the owner of Only Natural Pet Store. Human-quality ingredients; the company says, "Select Wild-Caught, Grass-Fed, Free-Range and Cage-Free meats raised without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones when available." Canned foods are grain-free. Appears identical to and is likely replacing Only Natural's EasyRaw below.

Only Natural Pet

Instinct See Nature's Variety below.  
Life4K9 Human-grade ingredients.  
Lotus Human-grade ingredients. All ingredients are sourced in North America (USA and Canada) except for lamb and green mussel, which come from New Zealand. Fish is ethoxyquin-free. No gums (carrageenan, guar, or xantham) used as thickeners. Canned at their own facility. See An Admirable Model: Lotus Pet Foods and An Inside Look at How Canned Dog Food is Made for more information about this company and their facility. Amazon
Merrick Offers several grain-free varieties in both their Classic and Grain Free (formerly Before Grain) lines, including a tripe variety.
Merrick has had treats recalled in 2010 due to salmonella contamination. While I don't consider salmonella to be a big concern and this doesn't affect their foods directly, the company's poor handling of the recall is an issue. See Friday-night dump-and-run recalls for more info.
Natura All Natura product lines, including California Natural, EVO, Innova, Healthwise, and Karma Organic, have been discontinued following their sale first to Proctor & Gamble, and later to MARS Petcare in 2014.

Natural Balance Human-grade ingredients. Products are tested for melamine and cyanuric acid. L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets are grain-free and may help dogs with food allergies. Also see the new Eatables line.
Natural Balance was bought by Del Monte in 2013. Del Monte was renamed Big Heart Pet Brands in 2014, which was sold to the J. M. Smucker Co. in 2015.
Nature's Variety Instinct, and Homestyle Instinct is higher-protein, lower-carb and grain-free. Instinct now offers limited-ingredient diets for dogs with food allergies as well.
Nature's Variety offers a number of recipes with unusual proteins (pork, bison, venison, duck, rabbit), but these are mixed with more common proteins (chicken, turkey, beef), so not appropriate for dogs who need a limited-ingredient diet, and remember to save some of those exotic proteins for the future in case they're needed if your dog develops food allergies.
Newman's Own Organics Now offering grain-free Beef and Liver varieties that are 95% organic meat, with no carbs. Amazon
Open Farm Rustic Stew "100% human grade stew. Meats from audited high welfare farms" including humanely raised antibiotic and growth hormone-free grass-fed beef. Note these diets are quite high in fat, suitable for active dogs.  
Party Animal "Organic" Gourmet Dog Food No longer recommended. While they claim that these foods use organic ingredients, two varieties were found to contain pentobarbital from 4D beef packed by Evangers, which were recalled. This meat was not only not organic, it was not even human-grade. More info here, here and here. Limited availability, can be found at Whole Foods (see their store locator for other sources)
Performatrin Ultra Human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients.  
Petcurean (GO!SOLUTIONS, NOW FRESH) Petcurean makes several lines of foods, two of which include wet foods:
Go!SOLUTIONS is designed for dogs who may need a special diet for a variety of reasons.
NOW FRESH foods are grain-free and use only fresh proteins (no rendered ingredients). Wet foods are boxed rather than canned, so no concern about BPA or other can liners, and boxes are reclosable and reclyclable. Forms available include stew, shredded meat, and pâté, all made with bone broth.
"Our products feature fresh meat and meat meal ingredients which are sourced from animals passed fit for human consumption by the CFIA. The fruits and vegetables used in our GO! SOLUTIONS recipes also come from the human food chain."
"All of the meat proteins, grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables in our GO! SOLUTIONS™, NOW FRESH™ and
"Our trusted network of farmers raise their poultry in open barns; the flocks are free roaming and have constant access to food and water."
No beef, wheat, corn or soy. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, including no ethoxyquin in salmon meals.
Canned products are primarily produced in Ontario, Canada and secondarily at a plant in New Jersey, USA. NOW FRESH stews and pâtés are made in Wisconsin, USA.
Available in Europe, Asia and South America as well as the U.S. and Canada.
Pet Promise Hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients from animals raised humanely on family farms.
Note the company that makes this food has discontinued the line as of January 2010, though you can still find it on shelves.
Solid Gold In addition to their regular canned foods, they also offer a Green Tripe canned dog food with very limited ingredients, which can help dogs with food allergies. Amazon
Spring Naturals Products use meat (not meal) plus eggs, whole vegetables, fruits, and grains. Also offers grain-free and organic varieties. Grain-free dinners (not stews) are 95% meat. All ingredients are from the U.S. Amazon
Tiki Dog (Petropics) Human-grade ingredients, most appear to be from Thailand. All foods include fish that is sustainably caught. PetFlow
Timberwolf Organics Offers four new canned foods, all high-protein and low-carbohydrate. Despite the name, these foods are not organic. Amazon
VeRUS Pet Foods Human-grade ingredients. Chicken is antibiotic-free. PetFlow
Wellness Human-grade ingredients. Products are tested for melamine and cyanuric acid. Now offering their high-protein, grain-free CORE formulas in two canned varieties. Also offers 95% Meat Formulas (see Mixers and Toppers category on their web site) that are not complete diets but can  be used as a mixer, similar to adding plain meat. Eagle Pack and Wellness are now owned by the same company, called WellPet. Amazon
Weruva Approved for human consumption. Chicken is antibiotic-free. Some varieties are grain-free. Non-Kobe varieties are very high moisture percentage (lots of water), so you will likely have to feed more than with other canned foods.
Wysong Wysong also makes Au Jus all meat diets that are not complete diets but can be used as a mixer, similar to adding plain meat. They include some exotic proteins (duck, rabbit, venison) that can be used in an elimination diet to test for food allergies. Check out their new Uncanny dehydrated products, which are high-protein and low-carb, with low heat processing, but very expensive and designed for supplemental feeding only (not a complete diet). Amazon
ZiwiPeak New Zealand food made from human-grade, free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats. Products are 85% meat-based and grain-free. Limited ingredients, may be good for dogs with food allergies. Varieties include Lamb, Venison, and a mixture of those two meats with lamb and venison tripe. "Where to Buy" link indicates it is available at limited locations in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. K9RawDiet
White Dog Bone Company

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"All Meat" Diets

"All meat" diets are not complete, but they may be useful for feeding short-term (up to three months) as an elimination diet to determine whether your dog has food allergies, especially if they use unusual proteins. When you do this, you should feed a food your dog has never had before, and nothing else, including no treats, supplements or chews. See Allergies for more information on elimination diets.

All meat diets can also be used to supplement dry or canned dog food (as can fresh meat, cooked or raw). If you do this, I would stick to the more common meats rather than feeding exotic proteins, which should be reserved in case they are needed in the future for food allergies. See the section on Adding Fresh Foods for more info.

See Dog Food Mixes for mixes and supplements that can be used to balance an all-meat diet.

All Meat Diets
Product Description Available online from
Canine Caviar Makes a canned Beaver diet that is nothing but processed beaver meat (from animals harvested to control their population). This company also makes canned Duck (with sweet potato), Turkey and Venison Tripe all meat varieties with nothing else added. Beaver variety is available by the case at Whole Pet Foods. PetFlow
Merrick Grain-free varieties, including Tripe. Formerly called Before Grain. PetFlow
PetKind PetKind Venison, Duck and Salmon has fish oil added, but is still not a complete diet. Due to having three different proteins plus fish oil, it would not be a good choice to use to test for food allergies. There is no mention of using human-grade ingredients.  
Tripett Offers canned beef and lamb tripe with very little added (just garlic and vegetable gum, plus fish oil and glucosamine/chondroitin in the lamb variety).
Warning: tripe smells awful, but dogs love it.
Wellness Makes 95% meat formulas designed to be added to kibble (they are not complete diets) -- see Mixers and Toppers category on their web site. They add natural flavors, cassia gum, and carrageenan, which should be avoided if you're trying to feed a true elimination diet to test for food allergies, but are otherwise OK. Varieties include chicken, beef, venison, salmon and turkey. PetFlow
Wysong See their Au Jus varieties. Amazon

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Refrigerated, Frozen, and Shelf-Stable Cooked Foods

There are a number of high-quality cooked diets available. These foods tend to be expensive, particularly if shipping is involved, and so may not be an option for many people with large dogs or multiple dogs. I think this category offers some of the best choices available in the dog food market today. With most of the diets listed below, you get the benefit of a homemade diet using high-quality fresh foods, without having to worry about which supplements you need to add to make the diet complete (some also offer Do-It-Yourself vitamin-mineral mixes, or see Vitamin-Mineral Mixes designed to balance limited homemade diets for more options). You also eliminate some of the risks of feeding a raw diet while maintaining many of its benefits. I have been feeding a mostly cooked diet (part commercial, part homemade) to my own dogs since about 2009.

Refrigerated or Frozen Cooked Diets
Product Description Available online from
Caru Caru makes boxed stews that are shelf stable but require refrigeration after opening. All ingredients and processing are human-grade; meats are also antibiotic- and hormone-free. Stews are grain-free and gluten-free. Foods have moderate to high amounts of protein (minimum 3.5-5.5% as fed, which converts to 22-34% on a dry matter basis, used to compare to kibble). Turkey Stew is extremely low in fat (1% fat as fed, 6.25% DM), while Beef Stew and Pork Stew are moderately low in fat (2% as fed, 12.5% DM) and Chicken Stew is relatively high in fat (4%b as fed, 25% DM). Meets AAFCO guidelines. Available in the U.S. and Canada.  
Country Pet Naturals
Country Pet Naturals is a frozen, cooked diet made from hearts, lungs, livers, kidney, meat and bone from range-raised lamb, beef, chicken and poultry, free of antibiotics and hormones. One variety has a small amount of veggies. No grains. Made in New Zealand and available at some retailers such as Whole Foods. Meets AAFCO guidelines for all life stages. Note that Country Pet is made by Canz, who also make Butch (New Zealand only) and Real Meat labels. The Real Meat line is now dehydrated.  
Evermore Pet Food Evermore Pet Food offers frozen, cooked complete diets in chicken, lamb and beef varieties using high-quality, human-grade, antibiotic- and hormone-free ingredients from humanely raised animals and organic or sustainable produce. Meets AAFCO guidelines for adult dogs (full nutritional information provided). Food is produced in a USDA inspected human food facility using a low-temperature, vacuum-sealed cooking process. They have facilities in both Oakland, CA and Brooklyn, NY. Currently available in stores in the New York Metropolitan Area, CT, and MA, as well as the Bay Area, Carmel, and Sacramento in CA. Will ship to the Continental U.S. for $10-$15, or shipping is free with a subscription plan.
I have fed this food to my own dogs. They love it and I have been pleased with the results.
The Farmer's Dog The Farmer's Dog offers cooked diets made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients in New York. The food is available by delivery in the New York City area, and can be shipped elsewhere. Food is delivered on a recurrent schedule soon after it is made in meal-sized portions specific to your dog. "We have formulated all of our meals to meet AAFCO and NRC requirements using natural, minimally processed, whole foods." They also offer a DIY (do it yourself) option using their recipes and supplement mixes, which run about $3-$7 (including shipping) per bag, each of which makes about 5 pounds of food. There is a single sample Beef + Sweet Potato Recipe on the website to get an idea of what their foods include.  
Frenchie's Kitchen Frenchie's Kitchen offers frozen, cooked diets made  in a USDA human food facility in California with 100 % USDA approved human grade ingredients. The ingredients look very good, and the foods are low in fat. The following statement appears on their website: "Frenchie’s Kitchen entrees are formulated to meet or exceed AAFCO nutritional guidelines for All Life Stages." The company is located in Corpus Christie, Texas, with retailers in many states (including some Unleashed Petco stores by late 2015, according to the company).  
Freshpet Freshpet makes several fresh (not frozen) refrigerated products: Freshpet Select, Vital, and Nature's Fresh. All are pasteurized and "gently cooked with minimal heat" (Vital also offers a Raw option). Some varieties are grain-free, some are high in meat and low in carbs, and some limit ingredients for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. All ingredients are human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free. Some varieties are available at Costco, grocery stores, Petco, PetSmart and other stores.
Warning: Most (all?) of these foods contain carrageenan, a gum thickener that may cause gastric upset (my own dog cannot tolerate carrageenan or any of the other gums). See the section on carrageenan and other gums at the top of the page for more info.
JustFoodForDogs JustFoodForDogs makes frozen, cooked diets made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients. Each recipe uses its own customized supplement blend. The company also offers their JustDailyMeals supplement blends and recipes in JustDoItYourself kits so that you can make the food at home if you choose. All daily diets meet AAFCO guidelines, and two can be used for puppies (though their Fish recipe is quite low in fat for a puppy). The food is made in Southern California, where delivery is available, or it can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. This company also offers prescription JustVetSupportDiets and customized diets. Unfortunately, they do not offer JustDoItYourself kits for their prescription diets, but for their customized diets, you can choose to make them yourself or have the company make them for you. See my article, Better Choices for Home-Prepared and Special Needs Recipes, for more information.
I have fed many of these recipes to my own dogs. They love it and I have been happy with the results. When a customer reported in 2017 that her dogs became ill, the company immediately launched an investigation. They discovered that green beans purchased from a restaurant supply distributor tested postive for Listeria monocytogenese, leading to a voluntary recall (and then to a human food recall). See the letter the company sent out for details. I continue to feed these foods to my dogs with confidence. Any company can have a problem no matter how careful they are; it's how they handle it that's important, and JustFoodForDogs gets an A+ in that category.
Lucky Dog Cuisine Lucky Dog Cuisine offers a variety of pre-cooked recipes, including gluten-free and grain-free options. "All of our recipes are complete and balanced and appropriate for all life stages. We use only GMO free fruits and vegetables, as well as butcher quality meats. All ingredients are sourced in the USA!"
My Perfect Pet My Perfect Pet makes frozen, cooked diets prepared with human-grade standards. Diets meet AAFCO guidelines, including some approved for puppies. Several grain-free varieties available. Most blends have moderate amounts of fat (appropriate for most pet dogs). The company also makes Snuggles Blend (low phosphorus for dogs with early kidney disease), Kidney Support Blend (for dogs with later stage kidney disease), and two Ultra-Low Glycemic (ULG) blends (suitable for dogs with diabetes), and will prepare custom blends as well. Complete nutritional analysis provided for all foods. Available from many retailers, use their Find a Store locator. Shipping is also available.
I have fed these foods to my own dogs. They love them and I do well with them. I find the packaging of this product the most convenient of those that I have used, and it is also one of the most cost-effective, particularly if you can find it locally rather than having it shipped.
Nature's Kitchen Nature's Kitchen is a cooked, frozen complete diet from Maverick Pet Foods, who also makes Genesis Raw (frozen raw). All ingredients are human-grade, and are cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients. Food is flash-frozen after preparation so that no preservatives are needed. I tried this food with my dog, and found it to have less moisture (just 67%) than most similar products, meaning it is more nutrient-dense and therefore more cost-effective to feed (and to ship). Billed as "the raw diet alternative providing the high fresh meat content of raw, with the convenience and safety of cooked foods," all varieties are 80% meat (including bone), plus approximately 8% organs.  
NomNomNow NomNomNow creates fresh (never frozen), homemade, human-grade dog food conveniently packaged and delivered directly to your door. Meals are made and delivered on a weekly basis. Recipes are formulated by a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist (Dr. Justin Shmalberg) to meet AAFCO requirements for all life stages with all ingredients and supplements USDA approved for human consumption and sourced here in the US. Note most of these recipes are higher in fat than the majority of cooked diets (only the Turkey recipe has a moderate amount of fat), and so may be inappropriate for relatively inactive pet dogs and those that have problems with fat tolerance. Located in Oakland, CA with a second manufacturing facility in Nashville, TN.  
Ollie Ollie offers human-grade cooked foods delivered to your home on a regular schedule (subscription only). Different recipes include a variety of different foods (not just different proteins). Company is based in New York.  
Open Farm Gently Cooked "All of our ingredients are human grade. Our meats are 100% Certified Humane and Global Animal Partnership certified, our seafoods are Ocean Wise certified and our fruits and veggies are non-GMO." Note that these foods are VERY high in fat, comparable to commercial raw diets, and suitable only for very active dogs who eat a lot for their size, and who do not experience digestive upset from high-fat diets.  
PetPlate Offers frozen pre-cooked meals in pre-portioned containers, delivered automatically on a subscription basis. Foods have moderate protein with low (chicken and lamb) to moderate (beef and turkey) fat levels. Lamb and Turkey are lower in protein and higher in carbs than the Chicken and Beef varieties. Appropriate for all life stages, including large-breed puppies. Human-grade ingredients, made in the U.S. Company headquarters in Manhattan; the food is made in upstate New York.  
Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine offers homemade, human-grade cooked and frozen foods, but these are not a complete diet, as no supplements (not even calcium) are added. Fine to feed occasionally, or to add as top dressing to kibble, or to feed short-term to an adult dog, but long-term feeding of this food only would lead to nutritional deficiencies.  
Spot & Tango Human-grade ingredients prepared in a USDA-inspected kitchen in New York. Free shipping to the contiguous 48 states on a subscription basis. "All of our Fresh recipes are made with 100% fresh, human-grade ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives. They are all complete and balanced for puppies and adults (according to AAFCO's nutritional standards), and are GMO and hormone free."  
Tylee's A new brand (as of 2018) of cooked, frozen food created by Chewy's but produced by an unnamed co-packer in Texas. According to the company, "Tylee’s is made with human-grade ingredients, with nothing sourced from China." While the ingredients look good, these foods are very high in fat, averaging about 36% fat on a dry matter basis with almost 60% of calories coming from fat. This level of fat is common in raw diets but rare in cooked foods. I consider these high fat levels to be appropriate only for very active dogs who eat more for their size than would be expected, and who tolerate high fat without experiencing digestive issues. For everyone else, it's best to combine high-fat foods with other types of foods that are much lower in fat.  
VibraPet VibraPet makes a frozen, cooked product using human-grade ingredients that meets AAFCO guidelines. Delivery available and carried in a number of stores in the greater Sacramento CA area. Will ship to other areas, but shipping of frozen foods can be expensive.  

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Rocky is a Yorkie-Poodle mix who had suffered from digestive problems his whole life. Click on his image to read about the diet his owner finally found to help him.
Pashoshe Fisher, a Chihuahua, was a wonderful, joyful companion to his owner for 19 & a half years. He was on a high quality raw diet for over half his life.
This is Ella, my Norwich Terrier.