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Dry Dog Foods (Kibble and Dehydrated)

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The majority of dog owners feed kibble (dry dog food) because of its convenience and lower cost. Kibble is generally higher in carbohydrates than canned foods, as a certain amount of starch is required for the food to retain its shape. Kibble also requires more preservatives than canned food does, to extend its shelf life. The better dry foods are higher in protein and use natural preservatives such as mixed tocopherols (a form of vitamin E).

In recent years, a number of companies have begun making higher-protein, lower-carbohydrate dry foods. Many of these are grain-free, though they still use starchy carbs such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and tapioca. Eliminating grains helps some dogs with allergies, arthritis, and other health problems. High protein is beneficial for almost all dogs (see High-Protein Diets for more information). Many of these high-protein foods are also high in fat, which is not appropriate for dogs who are overweight, sedentary, or have trouble digesting fat, so look for lower-fat varieties that are still high in protein, such as Wellness CORE, in those situations. Some high-protein foods are also high in calcium, which can be a problem for large-breed puppies. I have noted these issues in the descriptions below.

While high-quality dry foods may cost more than supermarket brands, they are also more nutritious, so you may find your dog eats less of them, which helps to balance out the higher cost. Keep an eye on your dog's weight and adjust the amount you feed as needed to keep your dog lean -- don't just rely on the feeding guidelines on the bag, which are often higher than most dogs need.

The use of the term "human-grade ingredients" is not allowed by the FDA and USDA unless the entire product was produced using human food standards and is considered human-edible. The Honest Kitchen (see Dehydrated Foods below) is one of the only brands that meets these criteria. See Natural, Human Grade, Organic Dog Food: Really? for more information on this and other terms.

Here are some of the better dry foods that I have heard about. This is not a complete list of the high quality foods available, which is growing all the time. For a more detailed list, see the Whole Dog Journal, which publishes an article on the best dry  foods every February. You can also write to me for comments on any particular food you may be interested in (my email address is at the bottom of the page). I have added my affiliate links to Amazon as a source for many of these foods if you are unable to find them locallyt.

Recommended Dry Dog Foods
Product Description Available online from
(Champion Pet Foods)

Premium Canadian pet food, uses human-grade, antibiotic- and hormone-free ingredients. Offers higher-protein senior and light diets, and a large-breed puppy food with appropriate amounts of calcium and protein. All ACANA diets are high in protein (most are over 55-60% meat ingredients) and low in carbs. The Acana Regionals line offers grain-free foods, and the new Singles line offers foods with fewer ingredients that may be suitable for dogs with food allergies. Available throughout Canada and in many US states, plus Australia and some European countries.
Warning: some of the Acana Singles line have been linked to dilated cariomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. I would not feed these foods exclusively, nor do I recommend feeding limited diets unless your dog has food allergies.

Addiction High-quality ingredients. Addiction foods are mostly grain-free, limited-ingredient diets. Several varieties use unusual proteins such as venison, kangaroo and pork. These are ideal for feeding to dogs with severe food allergies, but I would not recommend feeding exotic proteins to healthy dogs, as it's better to reserve them for future use in case your dog ever develops food allergies. White Dog Bone Company
Annamaet Human-grade chicken. ADULT variety is suitable for dogs who need a very low-fat diet. ULTRA is high-protein and high-fat, suitable for very active dogs. OPTION is made with catfish and millet, targeted to dogs with food allergies, but also contains brown rice, venison, barley and oats. Three new, grain-free products, each with 30% protein and 16% fat, are also now available.  
Artemis Human-grade, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats. Weight management variety not recommended for that purpose (see Senior and Overweight Dogs for more info), but might be good for dogs prone to pancreatitis or fat intolerance. Now offering a high-protein, low-carb, grain-free variety called Maximal Dog. Amazon
Also available in Europe and Asia.
Back to Basics Human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients. Note that Back to Basics has discontinued their Perfection line of canned foods. Amazon
(Blue Buffalo)
The company claims to use high-grade ingredients, though this claim has been questioned, and the company has admitted to using lower-grade ingredients (poultry by-product meal) in their foods. Wilderness varieties are high-protein, low-carb, with moderate amounts of fat, which is good. Note their Wilderness Healthy Weight reduces both protein and fat, and increases carbs; unless a dog requires a low-fat diet, the regular food would be the better choice, including for weight loss. Freedom line is also grain-free, but with lower protein. Basics offer limited-ingredient options for dogs with food allergies.
Blue introduced a hydrolyzed salmon diet for dogs with food allergies that contains better ingredients than the prescription veterinary diets. While the rest of the ingredients are not hydrolyzed, this food may still be helpful for some dogs. See Dog Foods Aren’t Equal – Even Though They Appear to Be for an article by a veterinarian who found this food helped her dog with IBD.
Blue recalled certain lots of its foods in October 2010 due to concern that these lots may contain higher levels of vitamin D than are specified, which can be life-threatening. The company was not as forthcoming as they should have been about the problem that led to this recall. See Another Blue Buffalo fail for more information. Another problem was found with the wrong food in a package in 2013, and once again, the company's attitude was poor; see Blue Buffalo Kibble Change? for more info.
Brothers Complete Human-grade ingredients, sourced from the U.S. Foods are grain-free, using tapioca for starch. Foods are high in protein (most of which comes from animal sources) with moderate fat and low carbs. Free shipping on orders of $40 or more to the 48 contiguous states.
While most foods are marked for "Advanced Allergy Care," these are not limited ingredient diets, as all foods use multiple protein sources. They may still be beneficial for some dogs with allergies.
By Nature
(Blue Seal)
Organic line appears to be discontinued. Their regular formulas are OK, but make no mention of using human grade ingredients. Grain-free line has high protein with moderate fat; Balanced Diet line (with grains) is lower in protein. PetFlow
Canidae Human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients. All ingredients are tested for melamine and cyanuric acid. Grain Free Pure line of foods offers higher-protein, grain-free formulas that were reformulated in 2014 to use fresh meats and whole foods. These foods are relatively high in protein (32%) with fat levels ranging from 15 to 18 percent). Amazon
Canine Caviar Human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients. Meats are raw and dehydrated (cooked for 6 seconds). Offers a high-protein, grain-free Venison & Split Pea variety that may be helpful for dogs with food allergies, though it contains a number of other ingredients. Their Special Needs food for senior and overweight dogs is NOT recommended, as it is high in carbs and low in protein (and should absolutely never be fed to puppies). Amazon
Carna4 New food with "Table-grade," antibiotic-free ingredients, including chicken, liver, and eggs. Not grain-free, but uses high-quality (some organic) sprouts and grains plus whole vegetables. Moderate protein and fat, suitable for most dogs. All ingredients are sourced from the U.S. and Canada. All nutrients supplied from food; no synthetic ingredients. Limited availability so far.  
Castor & Pollux Organix Over 70% certified organic ingredients. Chicken and turkey are free-range. Products are tested for melamine and cyanuric acid. Natural Ultramix line also appears to be high-quality, though not organic and it's not clear whether ingredients are human-grade.
Castor & Pollux was purchased by Merrick Pet Care in April 2012. It's unclear whether any changes will be made to their foods.
Company offers direct shipping to your home.
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul High quality, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients.
WARNING! Certain lots of these foods are being recalled as part of the Diamond Pet Foods recall. See my Recall page for links to complete information. (5/4/2012)
Doctors Foster & Smith High-quality ingredients (though no mention of human-grade), high meat content. Company offers direct shipping to your home.
Dog Lover's Gold Human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free, free-range ingredients. Also available in Europe.  
Dogswell Uses antibiotic-free, cage-free chicken and duck. Products are inspected for melamine. Nutrisca line is low-glycemic grain-free food (uses peas and chickpeas rather than potatoes or tapioca). Amazon
Dr. Tim's Uses low-ash protein meals (less bone, more meat). All ingredients sourced from North America. Offers two high-protein, high-fat foods appropriate for very active dogs (the makers are involved with sled dog racing in Alaska), and two foods (one is grain-free) for all life stages. PetFlow
Eagle Pack
Holistic Select
and Super Premium
Ingredients appear to be human-grade. On the Eagle Pack web site, chicken and duck are listed as hormone- and antibiotic-free, but Eagle Pack recently split off its Holistic Select label, and the new Holistic Select web site has no specific information about ingredients.
Eagle Pack, Holistic Select and Wellness are now owned by the same company, called WellPet, which also now owns Sojos (dehydrated food, see below).
Farmina This Italian company began selling products in the U.S. in 2013. Uses human-grade ingredients, offers grain-free varieties. All foods are high in protein, almost all of which comes from meat, with moderate amounts of fat (18% fat in most). One single animal protein "Wild Cod & Ancestral Grain Recipe" variety that may be good for dogs with food allergies.  

FirstMate / Kasics / Skoki

Offers a number of grain-free, limited ingredient diets that may be beneficial for dogs with food allergies (note this line is now called Kasics). FirstMate formulas include grains, but no corn, wheat, or soy. Weight Control and "Trim and Light" varieties not recommended as they are low-protein, high-carb.
FirstMate has their own facility for producing both dry and canned foods. Many ingredients are locally sourced and sustainable.
Flint River Ranch
(multiple distributors)
Human-grade, hormone-free ingredients. "All Flint River Ranch pet foods and pet treats are Guaranteed Free of BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin."  
Four Star Nutritionals
and Gold Nutritionals
Human-grade, USDA-inspected meats, high-quality ingredients (note the Classic line is much lower quality and not recommended). "We pay more for our fish, whitefish, and salmon to not be treated or preserved with ethoxyquin." Surf & Turf variety is higher-protein and grain-free. Several varieties use exotic proteins, but are not limited-ingredient and so not the best choice for dogs with food allergies. Amazon
Golden Eagle Holistic Health
(Europe only)
Human-grade, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats. New company started in 2009, food appears to be very high-quality.  
Halo Spot's Stew New dry-food options from a company that used to only offer canned. Human-grade ingredients. PetFlow
Holistic Blend Human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free meats. Note the Lamb & Rice Formula is very low in fat, suitable for dogs with fat intolerance. Offers a high-protein, grain-free formula. Cooked at low temperatures. Made in Canada, available in several states (see Store Locator).  
Holistic Health Extension Human-grade ingredients from organic and naturally raised livestock, without antibiotics or hormones, along with sustainably caught fish. Offers both grain-free foods and products with grains. Some foods use exotic proteins but are not limited-ingredient. Company is family-owned. Limited availability
Holistic Select See Eagle Pack above.  
Horizon Pet Nutrition New company in Saskatchewan, Canada manufactures their own food using human-grade ingredients. Legacy, Pulsar and Amicus lines are relatively high-protein and grain-free, with moderate amounts of fat. They use "pulses" (lentils and peas), which have a low glycemic index and may be good for diabetics. Amicus and Complete lines offer higher-protein senior diet that are low enough in fat for dogs who need a reduced-fat diet. Pulsar line uses single proteins, which may be good for dogs with food allergies, though these are not limited-ingredient foods. PetFlow
I and Love and You Nude Food New company founded in 2012 by the owner of Only Natural Pet Store. Human-quality ingredients; the company says, "Select Wild-Caught, Grass-Fed, Free-Range and Cage-Free meats raised without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones when available." Grain-free, high-protein, moderate-fat dry foods. Note that protein is boosted with lentils and garbanzo beans; tapioca and sweet potato used for carbs.
Company also makes dehydrated and freeze-dried raw foods.
Only Natural Pet
Instinct See Nature's Variety below.  
Life4K9 Human-grade ingredients.  
Lotus Human-grade ingredients. Oven baked. All ingredients are sourced in North America (USA and Canada) except for lamb and green mussel, which come from New Zealand. Fish is ethoxyquin-free. See An Admirable Model: Lotus Pet Foods for more information about this company and their facility.


Merrick Human-grade ingredients. Offers a Grain Free line (formerly called Before Grain).
Merrick has had treats recalled in 2010 due to salmonella contamination. While I don't consider salmonella to be a big concern and this doesn't affect their foods directly, the company's poor handling of the recall is an issue. See Friday-night dump-and-run recalls for more info.
Muenster Muenster Milling makes their own dry dog food using locally sourced grains and "100% non-Chinese sourced ingredients." Most foods are relatively high in protein. Grain-free options available. Available locally in a few states in the midwest, or free shipping on orders over $49.  
Natura All Natura product lines, including California Natural, EVO, Innova, Healthwise, and Karma Organic, have been discontinued following their sale first to Proctor & Gamble, and later to MARS Petcare in 2014  
Natural Balance Human-grade ingredients. Products are tested for melamine and cyanuric acid. Several L.I.D. limited-ingredient, grain-free varieties available, which may be good for dogs with food allergies. Note that their Dog Food Rolls make great treats, but are not recommended as a major part of the diet due to the high amounts of sugar (sucrose). As always, the Vegetarian Formula is NOT recommended (see Don't Bite on the Veggie Dog for more info on this topic).
Natural Balance was bought by Del Monte in 2013. Del Monte was renamed Big Heart Pet Brands in 2014, which was sold to the J. M. Smucker Co. in 2015.
Natural Planet Organics Many organic ingredients. The same company makes NutriSource and Pure Vita foods. Pure Vita offers single-protein duck and salmon foods, which may be helpful for dogs with food allergies. No mention of human-grade or antibiotic-free ingredients. Amazon
Nature's Variety
Human-grade ingredients. Instinct is higher-protein, low-carb and grain-free (it uses tapioca). Instinct is high in fat, suitable for feeding to very active dogs who are not overweight. Instinct now offers limited-ingredient diets for dogs with food allergies as well.
The Chicken, Beef & Lamb, and Duck & Turkey varieties of Instinct should not be fed to large-breed puppies due to high calcium levels (over 1.8%). Remember to save some of those exotic proteins for the future in case they're needed if your dog develops food allergies.
Note formulas appear to have changed in mid-2014.
Newman's Own Organics Human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients. Amazon
Open Farm Canadian company offers grain-free foods made with 100% Certified Humane meats, Ocean Wise recommended wild-caught fish and locally grown, non-GMO fruits & veggies. Foods are high in protein with moderate fat. Meats are antibiotic- and hormone-free. No ingredients, including supplements, from China. Offers a Pork diet that, while not limited ingredient, may help some dogs with food allergies. Amazon
(Champion Pet Foods)
Premium Canadian pet food, uses human-grade, antibiotic- and hormone-free ingredients. Fish meal is ethoxyquin-free. All foods are high-protein, low-carb and grain-free, including their senior and puppy diets. Puppy diets have the proper amount of calcium (not too much, as is found in some high-protein foods). Also offers a 6 Fresh Fish variety that may be beneficial for dogs with allergies, though it includes a number of ingredients. Highly recommended, I've heard nothing but good feedback from those who feed Orijen.
Available throughout Canada, and in many US states, as well as Australia and some European countries.
Performatrin Ultra Human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients. Grain-free variety is high in protein, with moderate fat, which is ideal for most pet dogs. Slim-Care Salmon and Olive Oil variety is relatively high in protein and quite low in fat, appropriate for dogs who require a low-fat diet.  
Pet Promise Hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients from animals raised humanely on family farms. Healthy Weight & Aging formula is lower-fat but still higher-protein. I'm not thrilled with their use of corn gluten meal and soy flour, both of which are sources of incomplete, poor-quality protein, but feel their commitment to humanely-raised animals and high-quality meat products still makes this a superior food.
Note the company that makes this food has discontinued the line as of January 2010, though you can still find it on shelves.
Petcurean (GO!SOLUTIONS, NOW FRESH, GATHER, SUMMIT) Petcurean makes several lines of foods.
Go!SOLUTIONS is designed for dogs who may need a special diet for a variety of reasons.
NOW FRESH foods are grain-free and use only fresh proteins (no rendered meals or by-products). Note these foods have normal protein and fat levels (many grain-free foods are high-fat, suitable for very active dogs who are not overweight). Higher-protein senior formula (recommended).
GATHER is made from organic, sustainable ingredients. Fresh and dehydrated meats are used (no rendered ingredients). Note I don't recommend their (or any other) Vegan diet, which I believe is likely to result in health problems if fed long-term.
SUMMIT Original foods (available only in Canada) contain no by-product meals.
"Our products feature fresh meat and meat meal ingredients which are sourced from animals passed fit for human consumption by the CFIA. The fruits and vegetables used in our GO! SOLUTIONS, NOW FRESH dry and GATHER recipes also come from the human food chain."
"All of the meat proteins, grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables in our GO! SOLUTIONS™, NOW FRESH™ and GATHER™ products are sourced from North America (as close to the production facility as possible) with the exception of our pasture raised lamb and grass fed venison which is sourced from Australia and New Zealand (from EU certified plants)."
"Our trusted network of farmers raise their poultry in open barns; the flocks are free roaming and have constant access to food and water."
No beef, wheat, corn or soy. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, including no ethoxyquin in salmon meals.
Dry foods produced in Ontario, Canada.
Available in Europe, Asia and South America as well as the U.S. and Canada.
Prairie See Nature's Variety above.  
Solid Gold Offers a high-protein, low-carb, grain-free variety called Barking at the Moon for adult dogs (not recommended for large-breed puppies under the age of six months due to high calcium content).
WARNING! Certain lots of these foods are being recalled as part of the Diamond Pet Foods recall. See my Recall page for links to complete information. (5/7/2012)
Spring Naturals Products use meat (not meal) plus eggs, whole vegetables, fruits, and grains. Company claims their foods are higher in meat than most other foods and avoid high-glycemic ingredients, though they use green peas and chickpeas (garbanzo beans) to enhance protein content. Also offers grain-free and organic varieties. All foods, including grain-free, have moderate protein and fat content. All ingredients are from the U.S.


Taste of the Wild Several higher-protein, lower-carb, grain-free formulas. No mention of human-grade ingredients, and this food is made by Diamond, so it's unlikely. Exotic proteins are used, but not exclusively, so most of these foods wouldn't be a good choice for a dog with food allergies (for example, the High Prairie Canine Formula contains both bison and venison, along with lamb, chicken eggs, fish and other ingredients), but might help a dog who has problems with grains. Remember that it's a good idea to reserve at least some exotic proteins for future use in case needed for an elimination diet or to treat severe food allergies. This food appears to be better quality than other Diamond brand foods, but is not in the same league with other grain-free formulas listed here.
WARNING! Certain lots of these foods are being recalled as part of the Diamond Pet Foods recall. See my Recall page for links to complete information. (5/4/2012)
Timberwolf Organics Offers two grain-free varieties: Ocean Blue and Wild & Natural (the latter is also high-protein and low-carb). From the FAQ: "We have added the option of feeding your own fresh meat protein sources to supplement any of our formulas . . . Our Black Forest Canine Formula was designed to be mixed with meat and may be the most compatible to mixing."
Note food is not organic, despite the name.
TLC Whole Life Dog Food Uses "high quality protein," whole grains and natural preservatives, including ethoxyquin-free salmon. Offers free shipping
Tuscan Natural Offers 3 varieties: Harvest (moderate protein and fat); Carne (high protein and fat, no grains); and Simply Pure (lower protein and fat, with limited ingredients for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities).
Uses antibiotic-free chicken and turkey along with lamb from New Zealand. Certified GMO free. The company discloses where its food is made and provides a complete nutritional analysis of each.
Marketing claims include no "regrind" product (where leftover or rejected food is simply added back into a new batch); added olive oil; chickens and turkeys only from U.S. producers committed to humanely raised flocks; no ingredients, including supplements, from China; and no added menadione.
VeRUS Pet Foods Human-grade ingredients. Chicken and lamb are antibiotic-free, lamb is free-range and grass-fed. Weight management variety not recommended, as it is low-protein, high-carb. PetFlow
(PHD Products)
Company encourages the mixing of raw meat with this diet. This company also makes a dehydrated product called Aelyon (see below), and another dry food called CoMend, which is lower in protein (not recommended).  
Victor Pet Food These are what is becoming pretty typical of higher-quality diets, with higher amounts of protein and reasonable amounts of fat. Many grain-free options. Food is manufactured in their own plant. Chicken is locally sourced. May be reasonably priced? I appreciate that they provide the percentage of their protein that comes from meat and plants and a complete nutritional analysis of each of their products on their website.


Wellness Human-grade ingredients. Offers a high-protein, low-carb, grain-free product line called CORE for adult dogs, including a reduced-fat version (good for dogs who need to lose weight, or who have problems tolerating too much fat), and a fish-based variety called Ocean. Also offers Simple Solutions using exotic protein sources (duck and venison) for dogs with food allergies. All products are tested for melamine and cyanuric acid.
Eagle Pack, Holistic Select and Wellness are now owned by the same company, called WellPet, which also now owns Sojos (dehydrated food, see below).
Wellness changed their ingredients in June 2011, replacing some hard-to-source ingredients (deboned chicken, whitefish, and canola oil) with peas, herring, chicken fat, and taurine. Guaranteed analysis remained the same. I don't anticipate these changes causing problems for dogs, and applaud the company for being proactive about letting its customers know.
WARNING! Certain lots of these foods are being recalled as part of the Diamond Pet Foods recall. See my Recall page for links to complete information. (5/4/2012)
Wenaewe Organic, also available in Europe and South America. Made in Uruguay.  
Wysong Human-grade ingredients.
Wysong introduced Epigen, a unique starch-free dry food, in 2011. Epigen products are at least 60% meat and organs and 60% protein, with about one-third of the protein coming from plant proteins such as wheat and corn gluten meal, used in place of starches (Epigen 90 is 90% meat and organs, 60% protein, and contains no plant proteins). Epigen products are low in fat (11-12%), which is unusual in high-protein foods. This amount of fat is better for dogs that are relatively inactive, or have problems tolerating too much fat.
In addition to their regular foods, Wysong has introduced a line of freeze-dried prescription diets for a variety of conditions, available only through veterinarians.
Zignature Zignature recipes say that they limited ingredient, meaning in this case that they use only a single protein and avoid certain foods, not that they contain only two or three ingredients. In addition to more common proteins, some varieties use exotic proteins such as kangaroo, goat, and guinea fowl. These are ideal for feeding to dogs with severe food allergies, but I would not recommend feeding exotic proteins to healthy dogs, as it's better to reserve them for future use in case your dog ever develops food allergies. All varieties have meat or fish as the first ingredient, followed by the same protein in meal form as the second ingredient. They use only low glycemic carbohydrates such as Chickpeas and Peas. None of their foods contain corn, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, chicken, or potatoes. They appear to use no ingredients, including vitamins/minerals, from China.  
ZiwiPeak See Dehydrated Foods below. K9RawDiet
White Dog Bone

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Dehydrated Dog Foods

Dehydrated foods offer an interesting choice for dog owners. Moisture is removed through a drying process, but the foods are not cooked for long periods at high temperatures the way that most kibble is (in fact, some dehydrated foods are raw). This form of processing may help to better preserve nutrients in food, so that less has to be added back in the form of artificial supplements. Dehydration also helps to prevent spoilage. Most dehydrated foods are meant to be rehydrated with water before feeding. Dehydrated foods are usually expensive compared to kibble.

Freeze-drying is one form of dehydration. Companies that offer freeze-dried in addition to frozen raw foods are listed in the Raw Food Products section.

Recommended Dehydrated Dog Foods
Product Description Available online from
Addiction Offers raw dehydrated foods as well as regular dry foods. Note that Herbed Lamb & Potatoes variety is high in fat, which is only suitable for very active dogs who are lean. See Kibble above for more information.  
(PHD Products)
Dehydrated product that can be fed alone, or combined with meat, eggs, etc. Claims to be a complete diet, though there is no mention of AAFCO on their site. Replaces NDF.  
Grandma Lucy's Artisan Grain-Free Dog Food
Human-grade ingredients. Approved for all life stages.
Grandma Lucy's also offers an incomplete pre-mix to which you add your own protein.
Note that Grandma Lucy's refused to provide an actual nutritional analysis when I requested one in February 2018. It was unclear whether this was because one has not been done, or if they were just unwilling to share the information. Either way, it means I will not be feeding their foods to my own dogs any longer.
The Honest Kitchen Offers dehydrated foods that can be used as complete diets, but  are designed so that you can add your own fresh foods (Preference and new Hale and Kindly varieties must have fresh foods added). Includes some grain-free versions (Force, Embark). Zeal is fish-based and grain-free, which may work well for dogs with food allergies. Embark and Thrive are suitable for puppies and for pregnant and nursing mothers. Foods are made in a human food manufacturing facility, and are tested for melamine. K9RawDiet
I and Love and You In the Raw Dehydrated and Power Pucks Freeze-Dried Raw Food New company founded in 2012 by the owner of Only Natural Pet Store. Human-quality ingredients; the company says, "Select Wild-Caught, Grass-Fed, Free-Range and Cage-Free meats raised without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones when available."
In the Raw are grain-free, relatively low-protein, very low-fat dehydrated raw foods, comparable to Sojo's (see below). Appears identical to and is likely replacing Only Natural's EasyRaw below.
Power Pucks are freeze-dried raw patties, high in protein and fat.
NRG Dehydrated pet food made in Canada, uses free-range, human-grade meats with no added supplements. "We use only table grade ingredients sourced from Canada and USA only."
The company says, "NRG is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for ALL LIFE STAGES." Analyses shown, however, are identical for all products and do not meet AAFCO guidelines for several of the nutrients shown, so these are not complete diets and are suitable only for intermittent feeding or as part of a complete diet. Now available in the US as well.
Only Natural Pet EasyRaw, Freeze Dried Niblets, and MaxMeat Air Dried Dog Food EasyRaw is a dehydrated food, very similar to Sojo's Complete (see below), but offers a chicken variety as well as the beef and turkey varieties available from Sojo's.
Niblets are freeze-dried raw food, high in protein and fat.
MaxMeat is air-dried raw food, similar to ZiwiPeak, but not as high in fat.
Only Natural Pet
Pure Naturally Dehydrated (UK) Human-grade food (made in a human-grade facility). Most are complete diets, but Vegi Plus is designed to add your own meat. Foods are moderate to high in protein, and moderate to low in fat. Appears complete but no AAFCO statement on website.  
Real Meat Dehydrated foods made of naturally raised, free-range meat, organs and bone plus kelp, parsley and supplements. Grain-free, no vegetables. Says "complete balanced" but no mention of meeting AAFCO guidelines. Note this food is made by CANZ, a New Zealand company that makes Countrypet Naturals frozen cooked foods. See Refrigerated or Frozen Cooked Foods for more info.  
Sojo's Complete Dog Food Mix New food from Sojourner Farms that adds dehydrated turkey, making it a complete diet.
In August 2010, I heard that Sojo's has changed their formula and that it may be causing problems for some dogs. I have asked Sojo's about the change, but they have not responded.
Spot Farms "Our recipes are made using only wholesome, human grade ingredients" from small, family farms (identified by region) that use no antibiotics (no mention of hormones in beef). Offers both grain-free and foods with grains. Proteins include chicken, turkey, beef, duck and pork (in general, reserve the last two for dogs with food allergies). Recipes have moderate amounts of protein and fat. Available at many pet food stores, including Petco. Amazon
Wellmade by Cloud Star Each of these dehydrated mixes from Cloud Star, including the Garden Vegetables variety, claims to be complete and balanced, with or without added meat, but when I asked for a nutritional analysis, it showed more phosphorus than calcium in the mix. That means these mixes do not meet AAFCO guidelines by themselves, and adding meat would make the imbalance worse.  
Wysong Makes dehydrated "raw" diets. All are high in protein and low in carbs; most are also high in fat. Both Archetype and the Uncanny line are labeled for supplemental feeding only (not complete diets). Amazon
ZiwiPeak New Zealand dehydrated food made from human-grade, free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats. Products are 85% meat-based and are grain-free with little or no carbs. They are high in fat, which may cause problems for some dogs. Limited ingredients, may be good for dogs with food allergies. Also good for use as training treats. Widely available online; "Where to Buy" link indicates it is available at limited locations in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Also offers a canned version. Amazon

See Also: Dog Food Mixes for dehydrated foods designed to be mixed with fresh foods.

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Rocky is a Yorkie-Poodle mix who had suffered from digestive problems his whole life. Click on his image to read about the diet his owner finally found to help him.
Pashoshe Fisher, a Chihuahua, was a wonderful, joyful companion to his owner for 19 & a half years. He was on a high quality raw diet for over half his life.
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