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Frequently Asked Questions from the K9Nutrition List

UPDATE: I moderated the K9Nutrition email list for four years (I no longer participate on that list). Archives were available on Onibasu but were removed in April 2011. My own posts remain available, but many of the links below no longer work, nor can you search or see other replies. I am in the process of working with Onibasu to move my posts and a few others from people who agree to a separate section of Onibasu that will again be searchable.

Following are links to posts with answers to frequently asked questions. Many are written by me; some are written by others I consider knowledgeable. A few links are also provided to articles on other web sites.

Addison’s Disease:

Allergies (also see Skin Problems): Anal Glands: 117162, 136598, 139344, 138729, 140382, 143181, 143229

Anxiety and Noise Phobias

Arthritis: Bad Breath: Bloat: Gastropexy: 124717, 124735

Blood Test and Urinalysis:

Calcium: Cancer: Canine Influenza: Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (Senility):  140424, 126955, 150656


Coat: Commercial Diets: Cooked (or raw) diets without bone: Coprophagia (eating poop): 148855, 148858, 115169, 126515


Cracked Pads: Cause and treatment: 125434

Cushing’s Disease:

Demodex: Dental Care: (also see Bad Breath) Diabetes: Diet: 158593, 156645, 148378, 124923


Digestive Disorders (also see Parasites): Ear Problems: Email Lists: Epilepsy/Seizures: EVO: Evolutionary Diet: Eye Problems: Fish: Fish Oil and Essential Fatty Acids: Fleas: Flower Remedies: Flower Remedies for Pets

Formula (milk replacement) recipes: 150138, 150190, 150195, 116790 , 106187

Grinders: Sam Baere (formerly SillyPugs), 160907, 160180 (and others in same thread), 156367, 146326, 144633, 142351, 139689, 138642


Heart Disease: Herbs: Jun2003, Jul2003

Homemade Diets:

Homeopathy: Homeopathy

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism


Kidney Disease: Liver Disease: Malnutrition: see Weight


Orthopedic Problems: Pain Medications: Pancreatitis: Diet for dogs with pancreatitis: 119043, Jul2004,

Panosteitis (Pano):154253


Pregnancy and Nursing: Protein: Raw Diets: SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth): 147709, 147770, 142578, 135183, 139869 , SIBO

Skin Problems (also see Allergies):

Spay/Neuter: Long-term health risks and benefits


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE): 125069

Tear Stains: 153529, 153517, 153521, 153206

Tick Disease:

Toxic Plants and Foods: Treats: Ulcers: Stomach ulcer treatment: 137556

Urinary Tract Problems:

Vaccination Issues: Vaginitis: Vegetarian Diet for Dogs?

Venomous Bites: Brown Recluse Spider: 147671 (see responses), 147695,147693 , 147696


Wild Game: Working/Performance Dogs: Yogurt and Kefir:

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I regret that I no longer have much time to respond to questions. See my Contact page for more information. My name is Mary Straus and you can email me at either or


Rocky is a Yorkie-Poodle mix who had suffered from digestive problems his whole life. Click on his image to read about the diet his owner finally found to help him.
Pashoshe Fisher, a Chihuahua, was a wonderful, joyful companion to his owner for 19 & a half years. He was on a high quality raw diet for over half his life.
This is Ella, my Norwich Terrier.